Benefits that can be taken when we follow the competition. This is her fifth thing is the reason why you should join a competition.

1. Enhance Courage and Competency Self
In any competition, when you dare to decide to participate in it means youve decided to become a brave man. Yes, because not everyone dares to follow a specific competition. Starting from that belittle himself because he could not, laziness, or a thousand other reasons. In addition to the competition, you will accelerate the alias acceleration to improve the competence of yourself. For example, you will follow the national science quiz competition, it would have to train hard and get a lesson in which children usually do not get it. Incredible, is not it? Want results win or lose, but one thing is for sure you are getting smarter and smarter!

2. Opening Thoughts Become Wider
Following such competitions will unite us with lots of great people is often even more powerful than ourselves. It can train ourselves to be high-minded because if they say, in the sky there is heaven again. People who do not want to join the competition, will usually find that he was quite high. Though there are many people who are much more powerful. Hopefully it can be getting excited again to continue to learn because a lot of great people around us. Surely you want to become more powerful, is not it?

3. Get Lots of Qualified Friend
As I enter the competition whatever it is, do not forget to make friends with fellow participants. Even today they are good. When I lecture at UI (Industrial Engineering), my friend was studying at ITB (Electrical), both of us are participants Competence Contest junior level in different schools. We are still on good terms and often exchange ideas about their respective lives. Same goes to you. Following the competition was not solely to win or lose. But you can also make friends with a lot of great people! Take advantage of these moments, if you have a better business card to exchange business cards.

4. Improving the Competitiveness of the Sportive
This is also the most important reason. Currently in a globalized world can not be denied that people tend to see their own competitiveness. Competitiveness is the courage and the ability to compete because they have here a superior capacity. Well, in competitions of this kind, it is expected that all participants can compete fairly and winning shows on their respective expertise. The more often competed, then later when in the real world we are not surprised because who does not have the capability and competitiveness he will be left (if its like its better to entrepreneurship)

5. Being Positive Track Record
Following the competition it will give you a lot of convenience in the future. For example, want to enroll in high school favorites, the more you join the race (let alone win), the more likely you are to be received through achievement. As my time was accepted at the University of Indonesia on the path of achievement thank God when it includes a certificate of winning the national competition and the province of West Java. It also turned out to apply to enroll in college favorites and if you enroll later employment or entrepreneurship. Have a good track record will make your life more interesting in the future, trust me.