One of the most colorful witch costumes for kids is Candy Corn Witch Costume. It has such an authentic autumn feel to it and your teen will be attracted to it. She will be the toast of the party and will remain the envy of numerous other children wearing a kids witch costume. This fun loving costume includes the traditional colors of orange, yellow, black and white.

Designed for the ladies, Candy Corn Witch is a very sweet and sexy looking witch and sort of mischievous in her personality. Her banded stockings and sexy heels sure make every guys keep looking. She can really charmed all the guys with her fresh smile. Her magical broom will bring her anywhere she desires.

When we talk about Halloween, we think about parties and gifts. Several of the traditional activities for Halloween include costume parties, carving pumpkins to make Jack-o-lanterns and reading scary stories. The Irish immigrants brought some of these traditions to North America in the nineteenth century. Since it follows that, many family have been following the long traditional.

Halloween is a period for gathering of acquaintances and family to celebrate this occasion. This is sure a great draw to bring relationship between old friends and family closer together. To promote to this a memorable occasion, wouldnt it be fun for all little girls and ladies to dress up in Candy Corn Witch Costumes?

Immediately imagine all gorgeous looking ladies and girls dress up in individual candy corn dresses parading simultaneously in contest where the audience will cast poll for the sweetest, cutest and most sexy witches. It will bring the joy and laughter of party to another higher level.

At the same moment in time, you can create special Halloween food for all the children and adults. Give special names to the tasty food. With some creativity, add some new look to the food. They will be surprised and enjoy the wonderful wide spread of food such as creepy cupcake, funny candy corn, sugar cookies and more.

Start planning your Halloween and make it a fun activity for friends and family. Make it a distinguished special moment and all will remember forever. Costumes are the main crowd-puller of the occasion, so hop on here now. I am really excited to show you more enormous quality of Candy Corn Halloween Costume at great discount.


As a webmaster you probably already know what a SEO Contest is or you surely came across some of them or even participated in. Some of the major SEO contests organized are the v7ndotcom elursrebmem (by, Ambachdotcom, Carcasherdotcom, and more recently the Cpayscom2 Online Casino where the winner gets $10,000 for ranking number one on MSN. Now the big question is whether it is good or bad to organize SEO Contests.

Lets start with the organizer of the SEO Contest. For the website organizing the competition, it is surely a good thing in terms of marketing as the SEO contest will bring thousands of backlinks in much shorter time that it would take if link building was done normally, that is, directory submissions, article submissions and so on. On the bad side, the website will mostly get tons of unrelated links as many of the website participating dont know much about the main theme of contest, lets say the website organizing the competition is about acne and most of the participating website are talking about SEO, these are definitely non related links they will get.

Lets now come to the participant. For him participating in a SEO contest can do only good since he will try his best to rank for a keyword that has 0 competitions. So in short it is a good way to test his SEO skills and also learning new techniques and improve himself.

When organizing a SEO contest for sure the whole webmaster world knows about it, and thousands of webmasters will participate in the competition resulting in millions of pages created in a short time. Do search engines see this as spamming? Nobody knows But I personally think that after a competition the participating websites should be deleted since many of them will not be of any value on the web. For example a website talking about SEO to rank for the keyword acne related stuffs is completely useless dont you think?

To sum up, SEO Contests are both good and bad. But I think it will be a good idea to remove participating websites from the web once the contest is over. Many people may not share the same view but we should also think about the average internet users as not everybody online are webmasters.


Tell A Friend Contests combine with Social Media for Traffic

Although Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the current media darlings, they are not the only game in town. An online contest to spread the word about your product or service is an incredibly effective tool when it comes to social media marketing and is a necessary part of any serious advertising toolkit.

Combine your online contest with attractive prizes, using these social media darlings through word of mouth techniques, and you are creating an explosive viral phenomena.

The term Viral in techno speak is real, with technology wiring our planet to create a global village, a virtual world where everyone is talking to everyone through cyberspace, exploding friendships at dizzying speeds.

Global Friendship is now spreading through smart phones, ipods, ipads,xbox and laptops, using social media writing on walls, tweets, retweets and linking the world over and over. A world where a billion friends are the objective, and millions of followers and friends are possible.

This contagion is a worldwide pandemic of unlimited proportions, and word of mouth is an unstoppable virus that touches off an invisible yet explosive flurry of activity that transforms into huge buying power.

A very good method of using social media in promoting your contests to win prizes is a powerful marketing technique, and needs to be in each and every promotion campaign. Interactive Contests that require participation from contestants create an extraordinary viral powerhouse.

A study shows that 50% of all of users on-line participate in a sweepstake at a minimum of once a month, while 80% of users participate at least once a year in a contest.

Contests and sweepstakes are quite comparable. The only difference is contest are interactive and sweepstakes are passive, and winners chosen randomly

Your objective is to use social media marketing to promote your contest or sweepstakes and build publicity through each contestant refer a friend. Your secondary goals must include gathering contacts, and following your site visits by educating each participant the value of your product and service.

Contest Forms must be kept simple, therefore asking for an email address keeps it extremely easy for every contestant. One of the simplest entry forms can be seen here at

It is ethical to only require more contact information from winners, so you can deliver their prizes to them.

The focus of your contest must be designed for participants to return repeatedly to your website, and therefore increase your visibility for your product and service.

Keep in mind that forcing your visitors to obtain something so they can participate is not allowed. Also you are not allowed to incentivize the contest in any way.

You want as many participants in your contest, so it is a good thing to plan extra marketing and promotion so you bring the maximum number of contestants into your contest to win prizes online.


Using Twitter professionally for the past 3 years, I’ve seen my share of contests that were organized by both the bigger brands and smaller businesses.In fact, if you were to search with the phrase ‘RT to win’ on Twitter, you’ll find many interesting contests being held on a daily basis.

4 Types of Twitter Contests

A Twitter contest is not only a great way to build buzz and increase brand engagement, but it also generates new followers and grows your brand presence.

There are even some who would suggest that Twitter contests are more effective at building engagement than any other online (paid) investments.

Clearly then, as Twitter grows its influence in social media, so too would the importance of Twitter contests.

There are several different types of Twitter contests.
1. Creative answer

In a ‘creative answer’ format, users are usually asked to answer a question from the organizers using a hashtag. The answers need to be as creative as possible, and the winners will be chosen by the organizers.

This format has been tried and tested in offline media over the years, where contestants usually have to write a creative answer within a certain amount of words (50 words, 100 words, 200 words, and so on). Twitter contest organizers have easily adapted this format, seeing that Tweets are already subjected to character limitations.

Here is one example:Back in 2010, KFC held a ‘creative answer’ Twitter contest. Winners were presented with a $20,000 scholarship by KFC. The applicants had to explain, in 140 characters or less, why they deserved to win and include the hashtag #KFCScholar in their tweets.To make this more relevant with the concept of advertising, we need to take a peek behind this $20,000 scholarship.

First let’s understand that the cost of this contest is the amount of scholarship. That’s $20,000. Then, throughout the contest, it was found that there were over 2,800 participants. So the average cost to gain 1 participant (or to gain 1 engagement) is $7.14! That’s not a bad amount to dish out in order to get 1 person to talk with your brand.

Amanda Russell (@arlp111) was the winner of the contest by tweeting “#KFCScholar Hey Colonel! Your scholarship’s the secret ingredient missing from my recipe for success! Got the grades, drive, just need cash”.

Essentially, from Amanda’s perspective, she is being paid $142.86 per character by KFC. I’m sure other participants were not shy about joining this contest because they were given a chance to get paid for tweeting 140 characters @ $142.86 per character.

Twitter Contests KFC
2. Sweepstakes

A sweepstakes is a contest where winners are chosen at random or through a ‘lucky’ draw. Sweepstakes can come in several different forms as well, namely:

1. Retweet to win

One of the most popular contests on Twitter. As the name suggests, participants are required to Retweet to stand a chance of winning. After the duration of the contest has ended, winners will be picked at random. It is one of the simplest contests to set up.

There are two ways that organizers can do this:
a. Manually

Organizers simply post a tweet on Twitter asking users to Retweet if they were to join the contest.

There are several downfalls of this, and one of the most critical ones is the organizers won’t be able to provide much information about the contest with the 140 character limitation on Twitter. Some organizers will have use their blogs, websites, or set up a new landing page to give more details about the contest such as the rules, the duration, and the prizes.It will be tough to pick winners too as organizers have to manually copy and paste the participants or use software like to pick random winners.

Here is a contest held by the National Lottery @tnluk, their tweet have been retweeted over 3000+ times.

Another issue with retweet to win contests is that an entrant does not agree by any rules before retweeting or specifically agree to enter the contest and be bound by their terms. This can have many legal implications.
b. Application

Alternatively, businesses who want to organize a Twitter contest (inclusive but not limited to ‘RT to win’) can also use an application. Binkd, an easy-to-use platform for promotions, recently just launched a free Twitter contest application that allows businesses to set up a branded Twitter contest efficiently. Using the application, users can set up a landing page with their company logo, give more information about the prizes, and more information about the contest. The winner of the contest will be picked automatically after the contest has ended.  By providing a dedicated entry form the legal implications of a manual contest is removed.
c. Follow to win

To get more followers, some businesses will ask participants to follow them to be included in the contest. All they need to do is to follow or retweet and follow. Winners will be randomly drawn after the contest has ended. Here is a contest held by @hairdazzle on Twitter.

Again, this bears the same legal implications as a manual Twitter contest.

Twitter contest hair dazzle Cosmopolitan
3. Photo Contest

A picture is worth more than 140 characters on Twitter. For this type of contest, users will have to send in a photo and they will stand a chance to win a prize, usually in a form of a small gift or a voucher. Like the ‘creative answer’ contest, the winner or winners will be picked by the organizers. Here is an example of a contest: @LaTasca, a Spanish Tapas restaurant in the UK, recently gave away a £50 La Tasca voucher for the customers who have sent a Twitpic of their tapas.

KFC, who have had great success with their creative answer contest back in 2010, decided to innovate their contest format last year and chose instead to organize a photo contest. The contest prize was another $20,000. In this contest, users had to tweet a photo showing an example of their commitment toward education and how they are enriching their communities. The winner was Daniel Galuppo, who shared a photo of his trip to Vietnam, where he photographed orphans so that they can have a photo of themselves to keep.
4. Question & Answer

A question and answer contest is very straight-forward. Organizers of the contest post a question on Twitter and the winners would be selected based on either the fastest time it is answered by a participant, the most accurate answer, or through sweepstakes (if the organizer loses control of the contest and has no other way of selecting the winner)

While this is not the most innovative type of contest, if it is done frequently enough, it would help in ensuring that users continuously visit your Twitter account to check for random questions.

Twitter is a great platform to easily set up a contest, but there are also potential for users to abuse the contest such as creating several Twitter accounts to get higher chance of winning a contest. Hashtags could also be abused to make your contest look like spam.

As a tip, mentions of your account should be required in the tweet used for entering the contest. Twitter’s search does not guarantee that it will return every tweet with your search term, including hashtags, only mentions are all guaranteed to be returned .

A good contest needs to be prepared for everything and have clear boundaries, such as allowing users to join/retweet only once a day.

If your company is new in organizing a Twitter contest, it is highly recommended that you use an application instead because it will help in creating a strong foundation for your contest (which would help to ‘be prepared for everything’).


If you are among such people who want to make it big by participating in the contest, then here are few tips, which will improve your chances of winning the contest. First, identify your genre and write the song accordingly.

Songwriting contests offer the biggest platform for budding songwriters to transform themselves from amateurs to professionals in the world of music. Moreover, winners achieve popularity and many music brands approach such artists asking them to write songs for them.

Select the subject of the song, which is close to you. Experts say that, individuals can write the ultimate song only when they write about people, emotions that resonate with them. So, try to convey your feelings through the song. Make use of rhymes and choruses in alternating pattern.

To be more successful in song writing, use rhythmic portion to convey the story of your song. Punctuate the rhythmic lines with easy chorus, which encloses the message of song.

Next, write down the musical backdrop required for that song. Select which type of instruments you may use in song such as a bass, guitar, piano or drum. Whichever instruments you choose make sure that it goes with the lyrics of the song.

Music Recording and participating in the song contest:

If the song contest in which you are participating requires you to record the entire song with music, then you need to locate a recording studio. Record the sound tracks individually and incorporate the sound within the song at home using a recording system. Protect the song by registering it at the U.S copyright bureau.

Now, participate in songwriting contest or log on to the Internet web sites and locate popular song writing competitions. Next, participate in the professional song writing competition and submit your recorded CD or the written song.

However, you need to keep penning down your songs without waiting for results. At the same time, you need to prepare yourself for the rejection too. When it is about a song contest, many will participate and few of them win. Therefore, it might take few attempts but eventually it will lead to victory in songwriting contest.


How do you win a writing contest? Here are five secrets:

1. First, recognize you are human

This may be a strange way to begin a list of tips on how to win a writing contest, but let me explain.

Stephen King once said, “To write is human, to edit is divine.” But instead of the word “editing,” you could substitute the phrase “judge writing contests,” because editors and writing contest judges play a similarly godlike role. (Although, you might say writing contest judges are more like fallen angels than little gods).

Why is one excellent story chosen over another excellent story? Who knows?! Even the judge may not know, at least not objectively (although, they will always have great reasons).

To scrutinize the actions of the judges of a writing contest is impossible.

All writing is subjective. A judge attempts to say, “This story is good,” or, “This story is bad,” but really, they are just choosing based on their own idiosyncratic taste. Winning comes down to luck. Or God. Or what the judge ate for lunch that day.

What is the writer to do then? Submit your piece, pray it wins, and then go write your next story (and find a new contest to submit to). Nothing else can be done.

I know that’s not a very good tip. If you need more advice than this, continue reading.

2. Your main character must be fascinating

And what fascinates us the most is contrast.

Light vs. Darkness. Good vs. evil. A good hero battling the evil in the world. A normal person battling the evil inside themselves. An evil person drawn, despite themselves, to a moment of goodness.

Life vs. death. A woman’s struggle against cancer, against a villain that wants to kill her, against the deathly banality of modern life.

Male vs. female.

Neat vs. messy.

Contrast is fascinating. Does your main character have contrast? If you want to win a writing contest, he or she should.

3. Surprise endings

I love surprise endings. All judges do. However, I hate out of the blue endings.

A good surprise ending can be predicted from the very beginning, but the author skillfully distracts you so that you never expect it (the traditional method of distracting the reader is to use red herrings).

A bad surprise ending cannot be predicted, and feels like the writer is simply trying to give the reader something they would never expect. This is lazy.

Please surprise me. Please don’t make up the most shocking ending without providing the clues to this ending earlier in the story.

4. Repeat with a twist

In the last few lines of your story, repeat something from earlier in the story with a twist. This echoed ending will reverberate with your reader giving closure and emotional power.

For example, you might repeat the opening image. If the snow is falling in the first lines of the story, you might say, “As night closed, the snow continued to fall. He thought it would fall for all his life.”

You might repeat an action. If your character is eating at a diner with his wife in the first scene, perhaps in the last scene he is eating alone at the same diner all alone.

You might repeat a character. If your heroine has a meet-cute with an attractive man early in the story, you can end the story with him unexpectedly showing up at her workplace.

Repeating with a twist gives your ending an artful sense of unity. It’s also really fun!

5. Write what you know (even if what you know never happened)

In one writing contest, I read a story written by a Brazilian writer about American kids driving around, eating hamburgers, and going to prep school.

“Write what you know,” I wrote to her over email. “I’m sure there are fascinating stories where you live. But don’t regurgitate stories you see on American television. You will never know that world as deeply as you know your own.”


Whether you’re a beginner or advanced level nature photographer, submitting your work to the scrutiny of others can be a little scary. All your hard work may pay off with selection for an award or you may feel the sting of rejection by having your work returned to you without any recognition. Just remember that win or lose, the photography itself will provide you with limitless hours of outdoor enjoyment and anything you may or may not get from a photo contest is just icing on the cake. I had the honor of being a WildBird magazine contest judge for five years and I learned a lot during that time about successfully entering a photography contest. In this brief article I’d like to share some of what I learned about photography contests and hopefully inspire you to enter some of your best photos in a contest in the near future.

How to Enter

Entering your photos in a contest is fun, exciting and a little nerve-racking. Remember that once you have submitted your hard earned work to the contest, you are then at the mercy of a panel of judges. At this point, you have no control over what will happen. However, I would like to help you before you get to this point with the part you do have control over-the entry.

The absolute, number one tip for successfully entering a photography contest that I can offer is follow all the contest rules!! Every contest I have ever judged or entered myself has had a different set of very specific rules. As an experienced contest judge, I can tell you that the contest guidelines are not arbitrary. Some rules may not make sense to you when you enter, but I can guarantee you they are important to the judges and are in place for a reason. Follow them to the letter and you will already be one step ahead of some of your competition.

Next, you will find that almost every photography contest has a variety of different categories to enter. I think a great way to be successful is to consider all the categories closely. Try to anticipate which ones will have the most entries and which will have the fewest. If you have the material for a given category and your photos are good enough, you will certainly have a better chance at winning the category with only 50 entries rather than the one with 500. A category with 500 entries may have 10 finalists that are equally good enough to win and the judges are then faced with very tough final choices. However, the category with 50 entries may only have one entry worthy of first place and the judges have but one easy choice.

A great way to get ideas for entering any photography contest is to do a little research ahead of your entry. Look at the winners from previous years’ contests and see what types of images have been successful. Many national nature photography contests are done by magazines or conservation organizations and it is easy to look at back issues or websites to see what type of photographs have won previously. This will give you a rough idea of the level of quality and what subject matter it might take to win. If you want to enter a smaller contest at your local nature center, Audubon chapter or camera club, they too will often keep prints of the photos that have won in previous years. Take a look at the winners and you just may find the inspiration you need to go out and make next years winning photographs.

Another important tip I can offer is that you may find in some contests that less is more. What I mean is that you should not feel compelled to enter the maximum number of photos allowed in every category. Your work will stand out from the rest if you only send your very best. If you truly feel that you have three equally good photos for a category that allows three entries, then by all means submit them. But if you submit two mediocre images along with one excellent one, the lesser quality work may weigh down the best image you’ve submitted. I just want you to understand the positive impression a well-edited entry can have with the judges. Remember you are very often trying to impress and sway a judging panel of experienced photographers and if they only see your absolute best photography you will have a better chance at winning.

One common mistake I have run across concerns the return of your precious original photographs. First, be sure to place all your transparencies between two pieces of cardboard for safe shipping. If you are going to enter slides, many contests require that you only send the original transparencies. This is where following the rules exactly as stated becomes very important. Be sure to include proper postage for the return and have it already applied to a pre-addressed return envelope. Do not expect the contest organizers to return your images at their expense and dont send loose stamps or a few dollars and hope the judges will make a trip to the post office for you. If you want your original work returned, you have to take the responsibility for it and do what is asked so the contest can get it back to you. Just make it easy for them to return your images and it should not be a problem to get your entries back safely.

What to Enter

First and foremost, remember that you dont have to be an advanced or professional photographer to enter or even win a photo contest. In fact, many contests specifically encourage beginners to enter. Judges in any photography contest are often looking for something unique. They search the entries for photographs that catch their eye and that clearly separate themselves from the field. I firmly believe that any level of photographer is capable of making contest-winning photos if they use good photographic technique.

As I mentioned before, follow the rules precisely when you are selecting which photographs to enter. Each category may have simple yet specific requirements about what will be judged in that particular category. If you dont follow this basic guideline, your photo may be returned without ever being considered for the category it was entered in. For example, I know that the WildBird backyard category requires a feeder, water feature, nest box or similar item included in the photograph. You would be amazed by how many entries for the backyard category neglected this simple request every year.

Next, I suggest that you follow my recommendation about being selective in your entry and remember my motto: less is more. Try to enter only those photographs that are technically well done. Look for sharp focus, good composition, excellent color and contrast, beautiful lighting, a pleasing background and an interesting subject in your entry. Remember, these are the basic elements of a photograph and are very often the first things the judges will look for.

A great way to impress any photo contest judge is with a photograph that depicts action! If you can, try to submit photographs that show your subject doing somethinganything. Remember that action photos can be simple. The action does not have to be an incredible mating display, or fight sequence to get noticed. For the WildBird contest, something as simple as an innocent wing stretch, a raised crest or perhaps a bird singing would be enough to catch a judge’s eye. Believe it or not, even a sleeping bird is in action because it is doing something more than standing still. Now this is not to say that beautiful portrait photographs of interesting subjects in gorgeous light will be overlooked. Its just that by showing some simple action in your images you may help to separate your entry from the rest.

If the contest rules permit multiple entries per category, I would also suggest that you try to enter a variety of subjects in that category. It will not do you much good to enter three different poses of the same individual subject in the same category. If you want to send multiple entries to one category, why not submit three different and unique photographs. This way, each one will get individual notice as opposed to three similar photos that compete with and diminish attention from one another.

The excitement and anticipation of seeing the results from entering a photography contest can be wonderful. The thrill of being notified that you have won is even better. But when you do enter, keep in mind that many other people have entered the same contest and that the judges are only allowed to pick a very small number of winners. To avoid disappointment, be realistic about your expectations when entering and remember that you are really doing it for fun. Most importantly, enjoy your time in the outdoors making the images you want to submit for a contest because photographing all that nature has to offer is the real prize.

Brian Small NPN 128


Follow and show your creativity in the design and marketing promotion design award. Whether it’s a self-promo to showcase a design firm’s capabilities, a project that touts a client’s goods, an announcement for a major life event, or a student designer’s résumé or design portfolio, if it’s your finest promotional design work, we want to see it. And you deserve some hard-earned recognition.

Deadline: March 11, 2016


  • BEST OF SHOW Winner scores a free trip to HOW DESIGN LIVE 2017 (includes: round-trip airfare from the same city, hotel and conference registration), plus an award to be presented at the conference.
  • BEST OF SHOW Winner will enjoy a 2-page spread in the Fall Issue of HOW.
  • All Winners (Best of Show, Outstanding Achievement and Merit Winners) will see their work in HOW’s FALL 2016 issue.
  • All Outstanding Achievement and Merit Winners will receive a $100 discount on any HOW Design Live 2017 registration.
  • All Winners will be announced in a feature article on and featured in its online gallery.
  • All Winners will be formally announced in the HOW eNewsletter.
  • All Winners will be announced via social media.
  • All Winners will be featured on Pinterest throughout the year.
  • All Winners will receive an exclusive Digital Seal to be used to promote your win.
  • All Winners will receive a press release template for use in promoting your win.
  • All winners will receive a complimentary copy of the Fall 2016 issue of HOW.
  • ALL ENTRANTS will receive access to a FREE Webinar.HOW will notify the winners by August 31, 2016, after judging is complete.Judges

    Scott Maney, Chief Creative Officer, Breakaway
    Laurie Churchman, Designlore
    Douglas Davis, Principal, The Davis Group


  • CLIENT PROMOTIONS: created for paying customers (brochures, annual reports, ads, corporate identities, etc.)
  • DESIGNER SELF- PROMOTIONS: created to promote your design business
  • PERSONAL PROMOTIONS: created to celebrate life events (invitations, birth announcements, etc.)
  • PRO-BONO PROMOTIONS: created for free or at a discounted rate
  • ILLUSTRATOR PROMOTIONS: created for illustrators (not just work that includes illustration)
  • PHOTOGRAPHER PROMOTIONS: created for photographers (not just work that includes photography)
  • STUDENT PROMOTIONS: created while you were in school (whether you’ve graduated or not)
  • MISCELLANEOUS PROMOTIONS: created for purpose other than those aboveHow to Enter
  • Entries may be entered online.
  • You may submit up to 5 files per entry (10 MB per file). File formats for digital images include: .jpg and .jpeg only (do not submit .tif, .png, .pdf or .gif files) in RGB color mode no smaller than 3 inches for the shortest dimension at 300 dpi. Larger dimensions are preferred for detail and cropping. If the entry is a website, please include screen captures or still images based on the size and file format specifications above for production in the magazine.If the entry is a video, file formats include: .mov; .avi; .mp4; .wma. Please include screen captures or still images based on the size and file format specifications above for production in the magazine.
  • Credit all persons involved in the creation of the piece. HOW isn’t responsible for incorrect, illegible or incomplete credit information.
  • Release date of submission must fall between March 22, 2015 and this competition’s final deadline.
  • Describe the objective and results of your entry in 100 words or less and include the description on the entry form.
  • For more information including project delivery methods see Preparing Your Entry.We accept all major credit cards or you may pay with a check or money order. Make checks payable (in U.S. funds) to F+W Media, Inc. and send to the address below. Entries received without payment will be disqualified. Entry fees are nonrefundable. One check may be used to cover multiple entries. -See Pricing and DeadlinesMail to: 


Nine year old girl named Isabella Barrett, suddenly stole the attention will be his achievements. How not, he successfully earned purse money to launch their own fashion line.

Though still a child, who would have thought his life like a young socialite who wallow in luxury goods from renowned fashion house. His fame was initiated from one of the TV show, the Toddlers and Tiaras, where Isabella launched its own line of jewelry and cosmetics in 2013 ago.

Girl from Rhode Island, who was then six years old the child immediately became a billionaire. He became a successful businessman, for being the designer and stakeholders in the company Glitzy Girl and Bound By Crown Couture.

His mother, Susanna said that although there are still nine years old, but her daughter has been able to generate a lot of money, as well as earnings continue to grow. Bella Isabellas nickname, is the owner of two companies and shareholders in both companies.

Bella admitted that success at a very early age is not easy, because of the weight of responsibility. Nevertheless, a success was amazing, because many people are watching.

Its a big responsibility. Fans I said that I was cool and beautiful. So, there will be people who do not like to be famous, Isabella said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Nowadays, fashion collection Bella has spread over a number of stores, such as 60 pairs of shoes and 14 Juicy Couture tracksuits. This young entrepreneur does not seem like just working behind the scenes, since last February, he took part in the catwalk of New York Fashion Week for the collection Bound By Crown.

I was very successful clothing line and recently performed at the largest fashion week in New York. Its very exciting, because I walked on the catwalk and highlight all the lights and I look very pretty, he said.

He claimed that his life is now very busy and sometimes had to miss gymnastics, because they have to take care of the job, such as auditions and other things.



Benefits that can be taken when we follow the competition. This is her fifth thing is the reason why you should join a competition.

1. Enhance Courage and Competency Self
In any competition, when you dare to decide to participate in it means youve decided to become a brave man. Yes, because not everyone dares to follow a specific competition. Starting from that belittle himself because he could not, laziness, or a thousand other reasons. In addition to the competition, you will accelerate the alias acceleration to improve the competence of yourself. For example, you will follow the national science quiz competition, it would have to train hard and get a lesson in which children usually do not get it. Incredible, is not it? Want results win or lose, but one thing is for sure you are getting smarter and smarter!

2. Opening Thoughts Become Wider
Following such competitions will unite us with lots of great people is often even more powerful than ourselves. It can train ourselves to be high-minded because if they say, in the sky there is heaven again. People who do not want to join the competition, will usually find that he was quite high. Though there are many people who are much more powerful. Hopefully it can be getting excited again to continue to learn because a lot of great people around us. Surely you want to become more powerful, is not it?

3. Get Lots of Qualified Friend
As I enter the competition whatever it is, do not forget to make friends with fellow participants. Even today they are good. When I lecture at UI (Industrial Engineering), my friend was studying at ITB (Electrical), both of us are participants Competence Contest junior level in different schools. We are still on good terms and often exchange ideas about their respective lives. Same goes to you. Following the competition was not solely to win or lose. But you can also make friends with a lot of great people! Take advantage of these moments, if you have a better business card to exchange business cards.

4. Improving the Competitiveness of the Sportive
This is also the most important reason. Currently in a globalized world can not be denied that people tend to see their own competitiveness. Competitiveness is the courage and the ability to compete because they have here a superior capacity. Well, in competitions of this kind, it is expected that all participants can compete fairly and winning shows on their respective expertise. The more often competed, then later when in the real world we are not surprised because who does not have the capability and competitiveness he will be left (if its like its better to entrepreneurship)

5. Being Positive Track Record
Following the competition it will give you a lot of convenience in the future. For example, want to enroll in high school favorites, the more you join the race (let alone win), the more likely you are to be received through achievement. As my time was accepted at the University of Indonesia on the path of achievement thank God when it includes a certificate of winning the national competition and the province of West Java. It also turned out to apply to enroll in college favorites and if you enroll later employment or entrepreneurship. Have a good track record will make your life more interesting in the future, trust me.